It's mid-summer and we are enjoying beach days aplenty here in West Michigan.  But with lovely days lounging at the beach and splashing in the waves of Lake Michigan comes sand.  Lots of it.  Ending up...well...everywhere.  In your bathing suit, in your hair, in your bags, in your car.  

A home solution for the summer sand conundrum (albeit a good problem to have!)?  The outdoor shower.  This handy design element allows home/cottage-owners and guests the ability to wash off the sand from the beach or chlorinated water from a pool before stepping foot in doors. 

Here are a few fun examples of outdoor showers we have designed for clients in the past...

Duneside's low shower station has a foot washing station as well as a hand-held shower nozzle.

One of the preliminary design sketches for the Allenwood included a free-standing outdoor shower.
Carlton Shores' long walkway and staircase from the beach was designed to include a rainfall shower for use both coming back from the beach and from using the infinity pool on the patio.
The Stafford's amazing outdoor living space includes a large pool and recreation space surrounding it, so an outdoor shower near the back entry to the house is a must.  The laundry room is also located just inside the back door to keep wet beach towels in their proper place.

Horizon View is a modestly sized residence with a simple outdoor shower located on a patio between the front and side door of the home.
Just outside of Kearney Hill's beautiful retractable screened porch is a foot washing station.
Aronimink's lower level was designed to include an outdoor shower with door and transom window atop directly adjacent to the entrance to the lower level from the beach.